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How to place your order

At the Officeworks Limited, we take pride in being able to offer quick service, such as same day service on all of our products and services. It's because of this we are able to claim to be the quickest stamp in town.

In these abnormal times, we at Officeworks are trying our best to do the best we can, to make things work for you. You can now place an order from the comfort of your home or office and then use our convenient curbside pickup!

Regular orders in before 10:00 am will be ready the next day (temporary adjustment due to Covid-19) , or if you really need the stamp in a hurry, then that is not a problem!

We can produce your stamp through a special process in as little at 20 minutes, with just $56.25 tt additional.

It's that simple. Just send your order to us by email, fax or by hand, the details and specifications of the items you want and we can send artwork and price estimates for your approval. To get your order into production we'll send you an online payment request so you can pay with your credit card.

We have a huge library of font styles that can be used in designing your stamp, or if you prefer you can send us your artwork as a pdf, eps, or cdr file in black and white format preferably. Or let us put together a layout for you to approve! 

Orders can be sent to us to or by using the form below or otherwise, as well as faxed to +868-627-6997, upon which you will receive a response containing a quote and artwork design for your approval.

Please feel free to contact any of our friendly staff members at 627-8267/625-8355/367-7777 for any information you may require.

Place your order below to receive a quotation within 24 hours

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